A group of people have been gang-stalking/cyberstalking/harassing me on levels that have well-surpassed that which deems this post necessary.

Hopefully this will shed some light on the kind of things which go on, unresolved, unnoticed and/or uncared about.

Hopefully this will get them locked up where they belong - except the police won't even touch anything involving me, exactly due to the amount of publicity this thing has gained.

I have filed multiple police reports and they say they can't do anything.

In fact, they may even be in on it.

Check it out.

I got a phone call one morning.

A detective from the KPD.

Asking me where I was on a specific night.

I lied, and said not in town.

He claimed my cellphone had been traced and it proved I was there.

He told me he didn't want to throw the book at me, and he was just looking for something to go back to her with.

I agreed to come in the next morning to talk.

The next morning I show up, a little later than our agreed-upon time, and he takes me to an interview room, where the cameras were not turned on.

I thought that a bit strange.

We begin talking, and eventually I admit to it.

He then asks me about another time her tires were slashed.

I tell me no, that wasn't me - and it wasn't.

He tells me he's charging me for mischief.




Doesn't want to throw the book at me.


Now I'm beginning to wonder if he had any evidence that my cellphone was there or not, as my face was completely covered, and I didn't have glasses on - but I digress.

During our conversation, he let the phrase "sleeping with underaged girls" slip.

He got extremely agitated.

I told him "no one ever mentioned sleeping with underaged girls, where do you get that from?" - he replied with "Oh, uh, well.



You must have told me before".

Again, I told him, "nor you or I has ever mentioned anything about quote, 'sleeping with underaged girls', so where did that come from?" Becoming more fidgety he tries to change the subject.

He asks me why I did it, and I began to explain how my ex-girlfriend and her family, along with Cody, Tiffiny and Pam have been torturing me (literally) for the last 8 years.

I ask him if he is any good with technology and he explains that he isn't.

Reluctantly, I continue to explain about the BCI on me, the ear implants, etc.

He says it all sounds crazy, and I agree with him.

I explain how technology is evolving in a way that makes all of this a reality that is at this present time, all possible.

I explained how the technology is being used for stroke victims to be able to talk again.

He claims he will check it out online.

I ask him if there is anything he can do to help me, like ask the tech-side people if there is anything they can do, and he says no.

I ask him what has to happen to me before anyone takes this seriously? He shrugs.

I ask him where can I possibly go if not to the police for help? He shrugs again.

I leave.

The next morning I went in to sign some papers and get my fingerprints done - for the 3rd time in the last year.



*** Prior to that, no criminal record at all.

To lightly touch on the subject but not get too sidetracked: Cody made it a point - because I used to brag about not having a criminal record - to change that fact.


Today the detective seems extra fidgety.

As we're walking back to the fingerprinting room, he pipes up with "Oh by the way, I'm also charging you with criminal harrassment".

Uh okay, that's news to me.

So anyway, court is on the 30th of April, 2024.

Then in June I have another appearence in Perth for the car I stole.

I'll probably be in jail by the time anyone who 1) gives a shit and 2) can and wants to do anything about this reads it, but as long as people are aware, I don't care if I have to spend the rest of my life in prison.

People will know about the horrendous acts these monsters have committed.

Back to the main story.

These people have been nothing short of the word, torturing me.

This torture reaches my family as well, of course.

About 95% of my friends and family have disowned me.

They've even taken it upon themselves to spread their lies to any new people who come in to my life.

Some of the things they've done listed below:

- Told everyone on my Facebook and other social media sites that I have AIDS, effectively ruining any chance of forming any new relationships with women.

- Videotaped me with a drone, in my apartment and other places, and apparently spread a video online of me masturbating.

This may be A.



- Told everyone I am a pedophile, a child molester, a woman-beater, a child- abuser

- Said they were going to frame me for being a pedophile

- Claimed to have collected my semen and said they were going to frame me for rape

- Claimed to have released my passwords on the darkweb

- Managed to get into one of my Google accounts and added all of their phones to it, removing my recovery email; this effectively rendered my cellphone useless, so, that was \$150 bucks out the window.

I have picture-evidence of this - it shows all their phone models

- Claimed to have hacked my other cellphones and installed an MDM on them

- I believe the above point to be true, seeing as any place I go, they will call there and spread the same rumors (For example, I go to the John Howard's Society for my court appearances as I have no ride to Perth, and I heard them talking to the receptionist there, 100% certain, about me.


- They claim to have been recording me in my last few places of residence; this is believable, as I think they believe that since I was only renting a room there, I was considered a boarder, and if by getting the permission from the home owner/person to whom I pay rent, they could record me without consequence.

I have video evidence of this.

Many instances, actually.

They seem to be using some sort of drone.

That, or something on my eye, like a small projector or something.

I'm not sure.

If it is a drone, it uses the material which bends light around it.

This is now publicly available stuff.

With the use of metamaterials, you can bend light around an object effectively cloaking it.



com/watch?v=oJb9RnAVDuE Here is a video from the University of Rochester demonstrating such an event.

- I have more evidence of this as well, in the form of video, where they congregated back at my old apartment, across the hall.

They're also possibly working with another group, some members from a company called OKWrite.

I saw a post-it on their door one night with "Felix"'s name written on it; can't be that many people named Felix.

- I also think it to be members of OKWrite because one day, back when I was still working with Tina, I sent her a picture of a web of people, linking them to this stuff and told her that I knew what was going on.

It had pictures of Erin Foley, Amy, Felix, Joe, Chris and a couple other people.

She ran from her office into mine and panicked.

These people are sick.

They're preventing me from living my life - every aspect of it, they've infected, or actively infect.

If I apply to jobs, they call those places and let them know who I am (which, everyone knows who I am now, I can't even go to another town without people knowing who I am, it's absolutely ridiculous.

And if they don't know, they very quickly find out due to Pam Speck and her mother going to and calling these places, along with Tina's sister).

If I meet a new woman, they immediately contact her and spread the same lies.

From what I've heard from the public, as well, the sick fucks apparently have made a game about hunting me down.

Called "GeePS Sports" or something of the sort.

From what I've been able to surmise, it's an app, or a website, or a Discord bot.

The object is to hunt me down, and when you find me, you tag your location; you get points.

I have no idea the criteria for scoring.

This was mainly when I was homeless, as I was always seen around town walking around.

Even more-so when you have groups of people hunting you down to try and score points.

At the time, I had no idea about the game, so I thought they were just trying to jump me.

Maybe they were, who knows.

I walked all day and night sometimes.

Until I couldn't walk anymore.

Sleep a couple hours, wake up in fear, repeat.

I haven't felt safe in 8 straight years, and I'm honestly just tired of it.

I should have done something a long time ago, but anything I've come up with would land me in prison, and I'd rather avoid that, if at all possible.

Anything I've tried so far, hasn't worked.

The police have been no help, the public has tried to help me through hand gestures and stuff like that, but I don't know if that was just instructions given to them by these assholes on their Discord/social media.

The police won't even touch this.

Since it has gotten so much publicity, they just completely avoid me - seems so, anyway.



I was freaking out one night and smashing my head off of a bus stop window, praying this would all just end - a cop car pulls up, asks me if I'm alright; I replied 'just peachy' or something like that.

They just drove off.



I stole a car back in April or something, of 2023.

Drove it from Smith's Falls to Kingston.

Turned myself in, and it wasn't until 3 months later did I get charged for it.

I was actually released before I even went anywhere.

No prints, nothing.

Walked away after I walked up to the cop car and told them I stole a car, and told them where it was.

The car was fine by the way.

I even gassed it up.

I went to Hotel Dieu hospital one day, thinking something was severely wrong with my feet.

Walking around day and night for weeks takes a toll.

They were cracked, the skin was sliding off of a couple of toes from the constant moisture.

They told me they were closed.

I've never heard of them closing, unless they were short-staffed.

This may have been the case, but they did not mention this.

I asked for a shuttle service or something, to KGH, as I just couldn't do the walk.

They Called me a cab.

They said they wOuldn't pay for it however.

Thankfully, the Amey's Taxi Driver was extremelY cool and said he would cover it out-Of-pocket.

Arriving at KGH, I checked in and waited in the waitiNg room.

I got in prEtty quickly considering how busy they were.

I hear them talking about me, making jokes and stuff.

A doctor comes in with some water and a brush, and just tells me to scrub my feet, with a smile on theIr face.

I Left with no treatment.

=============== Grab a seat ===============

I saved this until the end because generally, when I include this portion of the story, people just stop listening; politely nodding and smiling whilst pointing me in the direction of the nearest self-hugging jacket.

So I also used to date one of the women involved as I believe I mentioned above.

The other three or four people are close friends of her.

I believe her to have bugged my apartment back when I lived on Sir John A, as well as my body.

One night, I believe To have been drugged, cut open, and had devIces put inside of me.

Possibly cameras.

Definitely a microphone or some kind of V2S device, as well as a BCI which has giveN them the ability to read my thoughts.

10 yeArs ago, this may have seemed Completely farfetched, but with the fairly recent advancement In artificial intelligence and BCI's, it's Really not.

For 8 years and Counting now, I've hEard them talk non-stop.

It's usually buLLshit, or ridicule; commenting on literally everything they can, in a pathetic attempt to break me down.

When I say literally everythIng, I mean it, too - how I chew, what I look at, what I wear, what I eat, what I do, how I do it, what I say, what I think, what I type.



You get the idea.

Here are some other things they can, and still do, to me: - Make my eyes burn - they water up and they keep burning them - Stabbed various parts of my body (eyes, throat, feet, legs, brain) with what I assume is electricity - Burned air out of my lungs so iT feels like when I'm breathing, nothing Is happening

- Fill parts of my body with air I believe - Have burned my feet and testicles for years straight now.

My feet are beginning to darken.

They claim they do this to make me smell bad.

They can heat up my body easily, and target my armpits and testicles frequently.

My feet have been a main focus for a long time, so that is where I believe one of the devices to be.

Another place I believe a device to be is my nasal cavity, as well as my wrist, and another in my knees.

- Jostled my testicles for 3 straight months - try sleeping through that.

They still do this constantly.

I know the testicles move up and down to self-acclimate, but the amount they move is just ridiculous.

I have video evidence of this as well.

Another device may be in there.

- Shocked me awake every time I Fell asleep for weeks straight - Have talked for 8 straight years (3000+ days) with a total of maybe 10 seconds of silence - rumor has it they're using AI, i.


ChatGPT and OpenAI's text-to-speech model to continue on harassing me, when no one is available to do so - Electrocute my testicles - Constantly tell me people are trying to kill or jump me, or that the "police have been inFormed", to create a sense of urgency/panic - Non-stop ridicule, towards anything I do, say, or think as mentioned above - Read my passwords out as I type them, IN a gloating manner, and threaten to release them on the darkweb - Constantly immitate people, such as my ex wife, my old boss, the police, the FBI, my grandmother, my aunt, my friends, etc.

They claim to have been using OpenAI's Whisper, to generate voice models of my friends and such.

With this they can better manipulate me and get information out of me.

They do it in such a sick, disgusting way I can't begin to explain.

They've even recorded sounds from my past which they thought were likely to trigger a reaction, such as: my father's cough (who is now deceased), my dog's chain, the sound the front door used to make when opening it.



- Contacted every shelter I went to and spread rumors of me being a child molester, a pedophile, a woman-beater, a child abuser, etc.

- Call/contact via facebook my friends and family and do the same as above - Press on my bladder and bowels when I need to go to the washroom, and gloat about how I need to pay attention to my bodY better - Throw their voice; this is complicated to explain.

The best I can fathom, is they attach their words to sounds/voices I hear - makes it sound like other people are saying stuff they are not.

This also works against them too, which kind of leads me to believe it has something to do with my skin.

Maybe it vibrates sound across my skin or something, allowing the V2S device to be place a lot farther than it otherwise would need to be.

I confirmed this by using headphones and recording with my cellphone, their voices.

With the cell phone tilted, just allowing a bit of air to get out of the speaker hole, you could hear them almost perfectly.

- With the microphone they've implanted, they also use binural trickS to make it seem like things are coming from other directions, or that they're speaking through the walls of wHere I am (to make me think they're there and to make me freak out and damagE the place)

- Have convinced a whoLe town to speak around me in vague hints/riddLEs some examples include having people run their hands through their hair, or tuck their hair behind their ear, or cough twice - this is just another example of street-theatre; they have some sort of connection with the public which allows them to instruct people on how to act around me.

The whole idea is actually stolen by one of the people doing this to me; the original idea is a social experiment (which is what these psYchopaths are calling it) which takes place around a man who is an alcoholic, so they instruct the public to act negatively around him when he is drinking or thinking about drinking.

The point of it all is to make the subject associate negativity with alcohol, thereby overpowering the addiCtion which the man otherwise wouldn't be able to overcome hiMself.

It failed, and this will too.

- Around town I've found multiple pieces of graffiti which illustrate what is going on around me.

Some even include images which depict me, hidden in the "at-first-glance" image.

Some have my initials.

Most of them depict a fetus and my ex wife.

They claim I threw her to the ground when she was pregnant.

Something only she and I would have known about, and a misconstruation of what actually happened (i didn't throw her, she tripped over a sliding glass door frame and I caught her).

I will include them in a Reply, later.

They seem to insinuate that the device is in my eye, which allows them and people to see what I see.

They also insinuate, someone is making a lot of money from this.

- They threaten to kill my mother and other family members all the time.

They've recently taken to threatening my child's life, as well as his mothers life.

- Continuously use whatever is implanted in me to jerk me oFf even when I tell them to leave me alone

- They can make images appear on my eyes.

Or in my eyes.

Or maybe it's directly from controlling the brain, I'm really not sure.

It looks like wavy heatwaves when they are around.

The images projected on my eyes are usually ripple-like outlines of the people they are in real life.

Kind of like a water bubble outline? The thing which makes it extremely hard to discern whether or not these.



"images" or whatever, are actually in front of me, or just projected on my eyes, is the fact.


okay how to explain this.

Imagine out of the corner of your eye you can see something.

A cup for example.

They project something onto the cup - however, when you look somewhere else, the projection remains static, attached to the cup as if it were something actually on the cup, rather than on your eyeball, which, you would think, would move the projected image to the right or left, depending on which direction you looked away.

I hope this makes sense.

They do this with light as well.

This is another method of keeping me awake, and keeping them the focus - they /always/ need to be the focus.

If I take measures to block out their voices, they will stab and/or burn me.

if I take measures to block out their light, by for example, turning on a light which is bright and in my eyes (which I've had to do for many nights, to be able to get to sleep) they will shock me or, I saved this for last as it is the most horrible thing they've ever done to me: - They can make me feel restless.

It starts off as a vibration in my feet, then to my knees, then to my colon and middle body.

They keep telling me they put a device in either my knees, feet, or colon.

I don't know what to believe though.

But you know that restless leg feeling? Imagine that multiplied by 1000.

I've lied there, writhing in tears, screaming for them to stop this.

It's the worst form of torture they've ever applied to me, other than keeping me from my kid.

So let's quickly re-cap.

They're RapIsTs, voyeurists, stalkers, instigators, and in general, loW-life scumbags.

Tina has hinted that she has Done this before.

To one or two other people.

One of her other boyfriends who ended up Killing themselves, she claims they did the same thing they did to me, to him, until they drove him to hang himself.

She has also hinted that another boyfriend who didn't kill themselves was taken out by her father.

She constantly hints her father is in the mafia.

I'm at a loss - I honestly don't know what to do anymore.

They've taken my family, my career, my life, my reputation, my mother's career x 2 due to her not being able to focus on her job, from being so worried about my well-being.



I have also located a PDF online which seems to depict what they're attempting to do to me, almost exactly.

Go figure, the assholes found the number one result on google when you google "Harrassment techniques".

PDF located here: https://www.




If anyone has any experience with this kind of stuff, and/or has the technology that would be required to either without a doubt prove there is something elec- tronic in there, or remove it, please let me know.

Tina Circelli + Dan Circelli & Family
Tiffiny Monk & Family
Pam Speck & Family
Cody "LeVaughn" AKA Cody O'Neil & Family

Hope to talk to someone soon.