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Search Authority is hyper-focused on driving leads to your law firm’s website.

We know you’re busy, so let’s get to it. You need more online leads to book legal consultations. It’s not about volume, it’s about attracting quality leads that are ready to select a lawyer for their case, cases you can win. You need an approach that is effective, has a positive ROI and customized for your firm’s expertise and location.

Over the last few years we have taken everything we’ve learned in digital marketing and used it to create our unique approach to increasing online traffic for legal professionals like yourself.

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You want Quality Leads, not Quantity.

    Experienced & Trusted.

    You’re not just looking for an SEO or PPC provider, you’re looking for a partner. Someone that genuinely understands the problems you face as a legal professional and offers effective, affordable solutions to overcome them.

    Search Engine Optimization

    Transform your website into your most valuable asset. Attract and convert high-quality leads.

    Google Pay-Per-Click Ads

    We can help you design, launch and monitor digital ads on the Google Ad Network.

    Social Media Advertising

    Raise awareness and launch effective ad campaigns on popular social media networks such as Facebook.

    Why Choose Search Authority?

    Our team has created a unique and proprietary service that combines SEO and PPC. Rather than focus on one service or do both independently we utilize both techniques in a complimentary way to maximize results. That translates into a more cohesive acquisition strategy that produces results often quicker and at a more affordable price point.

    Think of PPC as a sprint race. You can get setup, create ads, allocate budget and “Bang” you’re off running within a few hours. SEO on the other hand is more of a marathon, it takes dedication, patience and planning. As the project begins to produce results we can lower reliance on paid traffic and rely more on organic which has a much more attractive ROI.

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